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SGI Benchmarks World Record Performance with Latest Intel Xeon

Today SGI announced performance world records using Intel’s newest processor, the E5-2600 v3 (Haswell).

Using Surrogate Benchmarks to Project HPC Application Performance

“Computer science and engineering performance projections of HPC applications onto various hardware platforms are important for hardware vendors and HPC users. The projections aid hardware vendors in the design of future systems and help HPC users with system procurement. This lecture presents a method for projecting the performance of HPC applications using surrogate benchmarks and the application performance profile obtained on one base system.”

Why Compilers Love Messing with Benchmarks

Over at Brendan Gregg’s Blog, the senior performance architect at Netflix writes that if you want accurate and trustworthy benchmarks, you need to perform active benchmarking, as everything, including compilers, can mess with your benchmark. “If you want to compare different servers using benchmarks that you compile, you need the compilers to match, or you need to take that into consideration. This should be something you unearth by following an active benchmarking approach, where you study and understand what the benchmark really does.”