DOE Office of Science Workshop: Mapping Brain Circuitry at Scale

Jan. 29, 2021 – The National Institute of Health BRAIN Initiative and the Department of Energy’s Office of Science will hold virtual workshops in February and March exploring brain connectivity. Generating complete maps of mammalian brains is a scientific grand challenge that will require a multi-disciplinary, science-at-scale approach, the agencies said in their announcement, bringing […]

NSF Funds Supercomputing for Neuroscientists at SDSC

Neuroscientists will find an easier path to supercomputiong thanks to new SDSC funding from the NSF. The project will contribute to the national BRAIN initiative announced by the Obama administration in 2013 to advance researchers’ understanding of the human brain.

Researchers Propose “Brain Observatory” Neurotechnology Centers

Researchers are calling for a coordinated national network of neurotechnology centers or “brain observatories.” As proposed in an Opinion paper published in the Neuron journal, the observatories would augment the BRAIN Initiative involving more than 100 laboratories in the United States has already made progress in establishing large-scale neuroscience goals and developing shared tools.