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Video: Quantum Computing and Quantum Supremacy at Google

John Martinis from Google presents: Quantum Computing and Quantum Supremacy. “The goal of the Google Quantum AI lab is to build a quantum computer that can be used to solve real-world problems. Our strategy is to explore near-term applications using systems that are forward compatible to a large-scale universal error-corrected quantum computer. In order for a quantum processor to be able to run algorithms beyond the scope of classical simulations, it requires not only a large number of qubits.”

Google Goes for Quantum Supremacy with 72-Qbit Bristlecone Chip

Over at the Google Research Blog, Julian Kelly writes that the company has developed a new 72-Qbit quantum processor called Bristlecone. “We are cautiously optimistic that quantum supremacy can be achieved with Bristlecone, and feel that learning to build and operate devices at this level of performance is an exciting challenge!”