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Cisco Joins CERN openlab

Today, Cisco announced it is joining CERN openlab, CERN’s platform for science and industry partnerships.

Why Storage Matters to Scientists

As the Large Hadron Collider restarts at Cern, data storage has become as important to scientists as compute power. But, as Tom Wilkie from Scientific Computing World reports, the innovative technologies being developed have much wider applications.

High Throughput Data Acquisition at the CMS experiment at CERN

“The CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN underwent a replacement of its data acquisition network to be able to process the increased data rate expected in the coming years. We will present the architecture of the system and discuss the design of its layers which are based on Infiniband as well as 10 and 40 GBit/s Ethernet.”

HPC News Roundup for Friday the 13th

As we pack our bags for a series of Springtime HPC conferences, it’s time to clear the decks and point to some notable news items from this week that didn’t make it to the front page.

Europe Gets Why Big Data Needs Networks

In this special guest feature from Scientific Computing World, Tom Wilkie writes that the way Europe has joined up its networks not only supports supercomputing on the continent, but also offers a model for international cooperation that might have lessons for the development of next-generation technology.