The Computing4Change Program takes on STEM and Workforce Issues

Kelly Gaither from TACC gave this talk at the HPC User Forum. “Computing4Change is a competition empowering people to create change through computing. You may have seen articles on the anticipated shortfall of engineers, computer scientists, and technology designers to fill open jobs. Numbers from the Report to the President in 2012 (President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) show a shortfall of one million available workers to fill STEM-related jobs by 2020.”

SIGHPC Group to Host Students for Computing4Change Competition at SC18

Today the well-meaning SIGHPC group from ACM announced that their Computing4Change competition has received an unprecedented number of applications. As an effort to bring Bright Young Minds into the HPC community, the competition is targeted at students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds who want to learn to apply data analysis and computational thinking to a social challenges. And stuff.