EIB Provides $9.1M to AI Software Company Cortical.io

San Francisco – March 3, 2021 – The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing $9.1 million to Cortical.io AG, an Austrian software company with offices in San Francisco, developing artificial intelligence technology based on a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) approach that can interpret and process human language text. The software is capable of performing search and […]

Cortical.io Taps FPGAs for Message Intelligence

Today Cortical.io announced Message Intelligence, an out-of-the-box solution that filters, classifies, and routes streams of messages in real time at a massive scale. “Combining the Cortical.io proven Semantic Folding method with FPGA-powered acceleration from Xilinx, Cortical.io Message Intelligence is a purpose-built appliance, easily installed and configured. It provides human-level accuracy in filtering and classifying messages, enabling businesses to more quickly process and respond to messages of any kind and also mitigate legal risks.”

Cortical.io Demonstrates Real-time Semantic Supercomputing for NLU

Today Cortical.io announced the debut of a new class of high-performance enterprise applications based on “Semantic Supercomputing.” Semantic Supercomputing combines Cortical.io AI-based NLU software inspired by neuroscience with hardware acceleration to create new solutions to understand and process streams of natural language content at massive scale in real time. “We are taking the concept of supercomputing to the next level with the introduction of Semantic Supercomputing and the ability to deliver real-time processing of semantic content.”

Cortical.io Demonstrates Natural Language Understanding Inspired by Neuroscience

In this video, Cortical.io CEO Francisco Webber demonstrates how the company’s software running on Xilinx FPGAs breaks new ground in the field of natural language understanding (NLU). “Cortical.io delivers AI-based Natural Language Understanding solutions which are quicker and easier to implement and more capable than current approaches. The company’s patented approach enables enterprises to more effectively search, extract, annotate and analyze key information from any kind of unstructured text.”