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Vivien Kendon from Durham University to Keynote PASC20 in Geneva

Today the PASC20 conference announced that Vivien Kendon from Durham University will deliver a keynote talk on quantum computing. With a theme of New Challenges, New Computing Paradigms, the event takes place June 29 – July 1 in Geneva, Switzerland. “Quantum computing promises more efficient computation for some important types of problems, such as simulation of quantum systems, non-convex optimization, and (famously) factoring large semi-primes. However, the first useful quantum computers will be limited in what they can do. Applying them to bottlenecks that are hard for classical computers is key to extracting the best performance out of combined classical and quantum hardware.”

Convergence for Scientific Method: HPC, AI, Simulation and Experiment

Alan Real from Durham University gave this talk at the UK HPC Conference. “This talk will discuss how advances in instrumentation have caused many new areas to embrace HPC and AI in order to successfully conduct and understand their experiments.”