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Industry Leaders prepare for Rice University Oil and Gas Conference in March

The upcoming Rice University Oil and Gas HPC Conference will focus on the computational challenges and needs in the Energy industry. The event takes place March 4-6, 2019 in Houston. “High-end computing and information technology continues to stand out across the industry as a critical business enabler and differentiator with a relatively well understood return on investment. However, challenges such as constantly changing technology landscape, increasing focus on software and software innovation, and escalating concerns around workforce development still remain. The agenda for the conference includes invited keynote and plenary speakers, parallel sessions made up of at least four presentations each and a student poster session.”

The Cray XC Supercomputer Series: Energy Efficient Computing

As global energy costs climb, Cray has taken its long-standing expertise in optimizing power and cooling and focused it on developing overall system energy efficiency. The resulting Cray XC supercomputer series integrates into modern datacenters and achieves high levels of efficiency while minimizing system and infrastructure costs. To learn more download this white paper.

Energy Exploration with High Performance Computing

As energy exploration becomes increasingly challenging, oil and gas firms deploy ever more powerful computing and storage solutions to stay ahead.

HPC Gives Oil & Gas Companies a Competitive Edge

As worldwide demand for energy continues to rise, the oil industry is working to satisfy demand for the hydrocarbon part of that equation. High performance computing is becoming critical to companies that are seeking new sources of hydrocarbons and trying to maximize existing reserves.

Open Computing Benefits Many Industry Segments

The Open Compute Project is a way for organization to increase computing power while lowering associated costs with hyper-scale computing. This article is the 4th in a series from insideHPC that showcases the benefits of open computing to specific industries.

This Week in HPC: 2014 Oil & Gas HPC Workshop and DDN Goes All-Out for Object Storage

In this podcast, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss the 2014 Oil & Gas Workshop at Rice University. Following that, they take a look WOS 360, the latest in Object Storage technology from DDN.

Woodside Powers Up Moordiup Supercomputer for Oil & Gas Exploration

Woodside Energy in Australia is building a $500k supercomputer to help oil and gas exploration efforts. Powered by Intel Xeon processors with 880 cores, the supercomputer has been named Moordiup, an Aboriginal word meaning ‘fast’.

The Now and Later of Large Scale Computing at Chevron

As advances in hardware/software technologies, sensing technologies and math-physics have progressed the ratio of data to compute power has remained relatively constant as the goal is increasing the resolution of the subsurface. The talk will provide the path taken and where it might go in the future in and how it might connect to opportunities in the XLDB arena.