Eviden Reports on New Contract Wins and Technology (HPC, AI, Quantum, As-a-Service) Updates

At ISC 2024, we were given a tour of the Eviden booth, which – being the focal point at the conference of Europe’s leading HPC-AI systems vendor – was a beehive of activity. The tour began with a business and customer update ….

HPC News Bytes 20240603: New Nvidia, AMD Chips at Computex, Industry Heavies Back UALink, Europe’s 2nd Exascale, Approaching AI Bubble?

A good June day to you! What follows is a rapid (7:59) run-though of the latest news from the world of HPC-AI, including: At Computex 2024: Nvidia Rubin and Vera ….

Eviden’s Center for Excellence in Performance Programming (CEPP) – Accelerate Workloads, Add Value to Simulation!

[SPONSORED GUEST WHITE PAPER]   This white paper spotlights Eviden’s Center for Excellence in Performance Programming (CEPP), which empowers organizations to ….

Eviden to Deliver Supercomputer for University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Paris – May 30, 2024 – Eviden today announces that it has been selected by the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) to supply the university with a new supercomputer for its Regional Computing Center ROMEO ….

HPC News Bytes 20240422: New HPC Installs, the State of AI, Bitcoin Halving, Argonne-UICs’ Crabtree Institute

A good spring moring to you! Here’s a rapid (6:09) route through recent news from HPC-AI, including: new supercomputers installed at Los Alamos and France-CEA, Stanford AI Index Report released on the state of AI….

Eviden Delivers 104 Pflops Nvidia-Powered EXA1-HE Supercomputer for CEA

Paris – April 17, 2024 – CEA (The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and Eviden, the Atos advanced computing business unit, today announce the delivery of the EXA1 HE supercomputer, based on Eviden’s BullSequana….

HPC News Bytes 20240401: A $100B AI Data Center, Eviden Says It’s Healthy, Alibaba’s RISC-V Chip, New Optical Interconnect Group, Nvidia Fights CUDA Translation

Happy April Fool’s Day! It was as always an interesting week in the world of HPC-AI, this edition of HPC News Bytes includes commentary on: Microsoft and….

Eviden: No Impact from Atos’s Financial Difficulties – ‘We Are Growing and Hiring’

We spoke with Eviden’s Group Senior Vice President, Head of Advanced Computing, HPC, Quantum, AI Solutions Emmanuel Le Roux, who asserted that Atos’ financial troubles have had no impact on Eviden, that Eviden is winning deals, growing and hiring.

HPC News Bytes: IndiaAI Mission, New Fabs around the World, Atos-Eviden

A happy mid-March day to you. Last week in the world of HPC-AI the emphasis was on the latter, including: the expanding IndiaAI Mission will include a 10,000-GPU supercomputer, TSMC’s biggest customers, countries court chip manufacturers for local fabs….

Eviden Innovating HPC: JUPITER’s Modular Data Center Revealed

[SPONSORED GUEST ARTICLE] As scientific and industrial computations become increasingly complex, the demand for immense computing power has skyrocketed. In the pursuit of the very first European Exascale supercomputing ambition, JUPITER (Joint Undertaking….