Vermont Tech Hub to Manufacture Gallium Nitrade Chips

Berlin, Vt. – The state of Vermont announced its  Tech Hub V-GaN will produce Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors. GaN advocates say the chips are more efficient, lighter, smaller and more durable than silicon. Applications include electronics, healthcare, sustainable energy and defense. A recent CHIPS Act investment in GaN and GlobalFoundrie’s Fab 9 plant in Essex Junction […]

Slidecast: Rethinking Server Power Architecture in the Post-Silicon World

In this slidecast, Alexander Lidow from EPC describes how the company is leading a technological revolution with Gallium Nitride (GaN). More efficient than silicon as a basis for electronics, GaN could save huge amounts of energy in the datacenter and has the potential to fuel the computer industry beyond Moore’s Law. “Due to its superior switching speeds and smaller footprint, Texas Instruments is working with EPC to build a simpler topology that achieves better efficiency with smaller footprints and significantly lower cost.”