SambaNova: New AI Chip Runs 5 Trillion Parameter Models

Specialty AI chip maker SambaNova Systems today announced the SN40L processor, which the company said will power SambaNova’s full stack large language model (LLM) platform, the SambaNova Suite. Manufactured by TSMC, the SN40L can serve a 5 trillion parameter model, with 256k+ sequence length possible on a single system node, according to the company.

Mona Introduces Free, Self-Service Monitoring for GPT Applications

ATLANTA & TEL AVIV, June 29, 2023 – Mona, maker of an intelligent monitoring platform, has unveiled a new monitoring solution for GPT-based applications. The free, self-service offering provides businesses with granular visibility into GPT-based products and valuable insights into costs, performance, and quality. Large language models (LLMs), and specifically OpenAI’s GPT models, have attracted […]

Cerebras, Databricks Stoke Generative AI Arena with Open Source LLMs

In few other areas of the global economy are the rounds of creative destruction more rapid and more intense than the HPC-AI sector. We see this today with the generative AI sensation: OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT in November has created a firestorm of competitive responses. At least two companies – Cerebras, maker of the dinner-plate […]