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OpenPOWER Summit Announces Speaker Lineupfor March Conference

This week the OpenPOWER Foundation announced their lineup of speakers for the inaugural OpenPOWER Summit at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, March 17-19.

Interview: GPU Technology Conference Enters 5th Year with Over 100 HPC Sessions

The upcoming GPU Technology Conference is entering it’s fifth year with developer talks on everything from Numerical Algorithms to Big Data Analytics. “In short, we’ll have a ton of HPC content. There are nearly 100 sessions dedicated to supercomputing and HPC topics. This includes major scientific research enabled by these GPU-accelerate systems – everything from breakthroughs in cancer research and astronomy, to HIV research and new big data analytics innovation.”

Hurry! Early Bird Rates End Soon for GPU Technology Conference

Fans of accelerated computing are reminded to take advantage of the Early Bird deadline for 2014 GPU Tech Conference ends January 29.