@HPCpodcast: HPC Storage Rock Star Gary Grider Talks How We Got Here and Where We’re Going

http://orionx.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/021@HPCpodcas_Storage-with-Gary-Grider_20220420.mp3 Shahin and I are in violent agreement: if you’re interested in high performance storage, if major milestone in the development of HPC storage technology over the last 30-plus years interests you, if you want a peek at future forward leaps in HPC storage technology, then this is an @HPCpodcast episode for you. Our special […]

Los Alamos Releases File Index Product to Open Source

“We anticipate that the Grand Unified File Index will have a big impact on the ability for many levels of users to search data and get a fast response,” said Gary Grider, division leader for High Performance Computing at Los Alamos. “Compared with other methods, the Grand Unified File Index has the advantages of not requiring the system administrator to do the query, and it honors the user access controls allowing users and admins to use the same indexing system,” he said.