Video: Scalable HPC Communication Capabilities

In this video from the 2014 HPC Advisory Council Europe Conference, Rich Graham from Mellanox presents: Scalable HPC Communication Capabilities.

Interview: Mellanox Announces World’s First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch

In this video from ISC’14, Gilad Shainer from Mellanox provides a technology update. This week the company announced the World’s First 100Gb/s EDR InfiniBand Switch as well as the HPC-X Scalable Software Toolkit.

Video: DDN – The HPC Storage Leader

“Infinite Memory Engine (IME) is next-generation storage system being designed by DDN to meet the needs of exascale supercomputers. IME employs innovative methods to obtain the superior performance efficiency from non-volatile memory technologies. These methods include optimistic non-blocking writes and means for dynamic load balancing output streams.”

MVAPICH2 and MVAPICH2-X Projects: Latest Developments and Future Plans

“This talk will focus on latest developments and future plans for the MVAPICH2 and MVAPICH2-X projects. For the MVAPICH2 project, we will focus on scalable and highly-optimized designs for pt-to-pt communication (two-sided and one-sided MPI-3 RMA), collective communication (blocking and MPI-3 non-blocking), support for GPGPUs and Intel MIC, support for MPI-T interface and schemes for fault-tolerance/fault-resilience. For the MVAPICH2-X project, will focus on efficient support for hybrid MPI and PGAS (UPC and OpenSHMEM) programming model with unified runtime.”

Video: The SKA Project – The World’s Largest Streaming Data Processor

The Square Kilometre Array Design Studies are an international effort to investigate and develop technologies which will enable us to build an enormous radio astronomy telescope with a million square meters of collecting area.

HPC Advisory Council Releases Agenda for European Conference 2014

The HPC Advisory Council has published the agenda for their 2014 European Conference coming up June 22.