#HPC Matters: TACC Enters the SC14 Video Challenge

“High Performance Computing is fundamental to science and society, allowing scientists and researchers to push the boundaries of human knowledge and tackle the biggest challenges we face today. HPC matters because these challenges affect each and every one of us from where we live, to how we lead healthier lives, to how we protect people in the face of violent weather, changing climate, and unpredictable seismic activity. HPC matters because people matter.”

Video: Supercomputing and eScience – How HPC Matters

This documentary shows the impact of supercomputers, both in science and our daily lives. Produced by the Barcelona Supercomputer Center, this timely video is right in step with the SC14 theme of “HPC Matters.”

HPC Matters: Bill Feiereisen on how Supercomputing Drives Modeling and Simulation

In this video, Intel’s Bill Feiereisen discusses the importance of HPC in simulation and modeling. With the SC14 theme of “HPC Matters,” Bill’s message is one all of us in the high performance computing community need to share.

Why 2014 is the Year that HPC Matters

In this video, Michele De Lorenzi and Rich Brueckner discuss why HPC matters. It’s the SC14 theme for next year in New Orleans, but the time is now for all of us in the HPC community to start banging on the drum.