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Insilico Medicine Launches AI-powered COVIDomic for COVID-19 Research

Santa Clara, CA – Insilico Medicine, a leader in artificial intelligence for drug discovery and development, announced the launch of a system for COVID-19 basic and clinical research. COVIDomic is a foundational technology that enables scientists to use anonymized patient data to integrate with a variety of existing data sets. Bioinformatics and AI tools can […]

Insilico Medicine Brings GENTRL AI System to Open Source for Drug Discovery

Insilico Medicine has developed GENTRL, a new artificial intelligence system for drug discovery that dramatically accelerates the process from years to days. “By enabling the rapid discovery of novel molecules and by making GENTRL’s source code open source, we are ushering in new possibilities for the creation and discovery of new life-saving medicine for incurable diseases — and making such powerful technology more broadly accessible for the first time to the public.”

Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov Joins Buck Institute to fight Aging with AI

“The Buck has been at the forefront of asking the most important questions in the field. Now, with the latest in bioinformatics and artificial intelligence, and with the involvement of world-class experts like Dr. Zhavoronkov, we will finally have the tools to answer them. Fully utilizing these powerful technologies, we will dramatically increase our understanding of how aging works, and what we can do about it.”