Video: Beyond the Trolley Problem – Ethics in AI

In this video from Intel AI DevCon 2018, Genevieve Bell from Intel examines the nature of ethics, how and why they might apply in a world of Artificial Intelligence technologies and emergent cyber-physical systems.

Video: Andrew Ng on Deploying Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Andrew Ng from and gave this talk at Intel AI DevCon. “Artificial intelligence already powers many of our interactions today. When you ask Siri for directions, peruse Netflix’s recommendations or get a fraud alert from your bank, these interactions are led by computer systems using large amounts of data to predict your needs. The market is only going to grow. By 2020, the research firm IDC predicts that AI will help drive worldwide revenues to over $47 billion, up from $8 billion in 2016.”

Video: How Intel will deliver on the Promise of AI

In this video, Naveen Rao keynotes the Intel AI DevCon event in San Francisco. “One of the important updates we’re discussing today is optimizations to Intel Xeon Scalable processors. These optimizations deliver significant performance improvements on both training and inference as compared to previous generations, which is beneficial to the many companies that want to use existing infrastructure they already own to achieve the related TCO benefits along their first steps toward AI.”