Video: The Future of the Intel Mic Architecture

In this video, Intel’s James Reinders and Vadim Karpusenko from Colfax International discuss the future of parallel programming and Intel MIC architecture products.

Interview with Winners of the 2014 PRACE Award

In this interview from ISC’14, Rich Brueckner speaks with Alex Heinecke from Intel and Sebastian Rettenberger from the Technical University of Munich as they share insights about their award-winning paper on volcano simulation.

Looking Forward: The Intel Parallel Universe at ISC’14

Mike Bernhardt from Intel writes that the company will continue to demonstrate an “unswerving commitment to HPC” at next week’s International Supercomputing Conference. “If you want to keep up with where HPC is going, be sure to catch as many of the Intel presentations as you can fit into your calendar. They’ll be pretty hard to miss.”

It’s Time for Code Modernizaton: New RFP for Intel Parallel Compute Centers

“It’s frustrating to think that antiquated software is hampering discovery and innovation across the board. This is one of the driving reasons why Intel launched the Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC) program last October with an initial five collaborators and an open call for additional collaborators.”

Intel’s True Scale Fabric Gains Momentum; Forty Percent Growth from Last Year

“We really need to re-look at what the requirements are that will lead us all the way up to being able to support Exascale deployments. One of these absolute requirements is CPU fabric integration, because the performance that’s needed, the density, the power, are all areas that have to be vastly improved to support deployments of exascale.”