Ireland Reaches #1 in TOP500 Supercomputers per capita

The 9th Irish Supercomputer List was released today. For the first time, Ireland has four computers ranked on the Top500 and Ireland is now ranked number one globally in terms of number of Top500 supercomputers per capita.

HPC Capacity Doubles on Irish Supercomputer List

The 8th Irish Supercomputer List was released last week, featuring two new Top500-class machines. The new entrants, from an undisclosed software company, feature at spots 196 and 197 on the 49th Top500 Supercomputer List, each with a Linpack Rmax of 819.16 TFlop/s. This more than doubles the Irish HPC capacity, up from 1.46 PFlop/s to 3.01 Pflop/s.

Irish Supercomputer List Reflects HPC Growth

The fifth Irish Supercomputer List was released today with a full ranking of the nation’s HPC systems. Launched in November 2013 to raise the profile of High Performance Computing in Ireland and abroad, the list is updated twice annually with a continuous open call for participation from users and maintainers of Irish HPC installations.