PhD Forum Coming to ISC 2016

Today the ISC 2016 conference issued their Call for Proposals for their new PhD Forum, which will allow PhD students to present their research results in a setting that sparks the exchange of scientific knowledge and lively discussions. The call is now open and interested students are encouraged to submit their proposals by February 15, 2016.

Chinese HPC Vendors Look to Expand Overseas

Tom Wilkie from Scientific Computing World reports on how China’s HPC vendors are seeking export markets with the support of their Government. With exhibits and various talks at ISC 2015, Inspur and Sugon were busy showcasing their technologies for the European market.

Experts Focus on Code Efficiency at ISC 2015

In this special guest feature, Robert Roe from Scientific Computing World explores the efforts made by top HPC centers to scale software codes to the extreme levels necessary for exascale computing. “The speed with which supercomputers process useful applications is more important than rankings on the TOP500, experts told the ISC High Performance Conference in Frankfurt last month.”

Interview: Erich Strohmaier & Jack Dongarra on Latest TOP500

In this video from the ISC 2015 conference, Erich Strohmaier from NERSC and Jack Dongarra from University of Tennessee discuss the latest HPC trends reflected in the 45th TOP500 list. “Nine systems in the top 10 were installed in 2011 or 2012, and this low level of turnover among the top supercomputers reflects a slowing trend that began in 2008.”

Interview: Asetek Rides Rapid Adoption of Liquid Cooling for HPC

The HPC industry’s expanded use of liquid cooling was evident at the recent ISC 2015 conference in Frankfurt. To learn more, we caught up with Steve Branton from Asetek.

Video: HP Moves Forward with New Business Unit for HPC & Big Data

“As a result of a new alliance with Intel, HP is offering its HPC Solutions Framework based on HP Apollo servers, which are specialized for HPC and now optimized to support industry- specific software applications from leading independent software vendors. These solutions will dramatically simplify the deployment of HPC for customers in industries such as oil and gas, life sciences and financial services. The HP Apollo product line integrates Intel’s technology innovation from its HPC scalable system framework, which helps to extend the resilience, reliability, power efficiency and price/performance of the HP Apollo solutions.”

Video: Team Spain Brings ARM to the Student Cluster Competition

In this video from ISC 2015, Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting interviews Team Spain, the first team ever to use ARM processors in the Student Cluster Competition.

Video: Docker for HPC in a Nutshell

“As the newest flavor of Linux Containers, Docker gained a lot of momentum in the last 12 months. With a very convenient and open API-driven architecture Docker is able to help decrease the complexity of operations and increase the productivity of computation.”

Bringing HPC to the SME

Tom Wilkie reports from ISC 2015 on moves to make it easier for SMEs to access high-performance computing, and on why it matters.

Amber – The How, What, and Why on Intel Xeon Phi

In this video from ISC 2015, Ross C. Walker from SDSC presents: Amber – The How, What, and Why on Intel Xeon Phi.

AMBER is a key application in molecular dynamics used to simulate biocatalysis and the interaction between drug candidates and protein receptors. A feature of AMBER is the ability to use Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors to speed up complex molecular simulations and improves research accuracy.”