Calyos 2-Phase Cooling for Electronic Components in HPC

“Calyos is a provider of advanced 2-phase cooling solutions for electronic applications. Two platform products have been developed, one is already commercialized for power modules cooling and another one has been prototyped for electronic components cooling aimed mainly at the High Performance Computing market.”

Panasas Showcases ActiveStor 16 with PanFS 6.0 at ISC’14

“The hybrid ActiveStor 16 system blends cost efficient disk-based storage with additional flash capacity and metadata performance, making the platform an optimal choice for PanFS 6.0 with RAID 6+ data protection. Depending on configuration, ActiveStor 16 ships with up to 122.4 TB of capacity per 4U enclosure, providing more than 1.2 PB per rack. In production, ActiveStor 16 will achieve up to 150 GB per second data throughput with capacity that scales beyond 12 PB in a single file system. Manageability is simple and initial systems can be deployed in less than 10 minutes.”

Docker for HPC: Multiple Information Layers for Cluster Management

In this video from ISC’14, Christian Kniep from Bull presents: Understand Your Cluster by Overlaying Multiple Information Layers. Kniep is using Docker technology in a novel way to ease the administration of InfiniBand networks.

Cycle Computing Brings Greater Access to HPC Resources at ISC’14

In this video from ISC’14, Brad Rutledge from Cycle Computing describes how the company brings greater access to supercomputing resources. By making it easy to spin up large clusters, the company is breaking records of scale using Cloud HPC on the Amazon Cloud. Cycle Computing seems to be on a roll at the moment, as the company is hiring in multiple U.S. locations.

HPC, Cloud & Big Workflow: What’s New in Moab 8.0

“This latest version of Moab underscores our commitment to innovation in the technical computing sectors,” said Rob Clyde, CEO at Adaptive Computing. “HPC’s powerful engine is at the core of extracting insights from big data, and these updates will enable enterprises to capitalize on HPC’s convergence with cloud and big data to garner faster insights for data-driven decisions.”

Inside the Liquid-cooled HP Apollo 8000 at ISC’14

In this video from ISC’14, Nicolas Dube from HP describes the innovative cooling in the HP Apollo 8000 system for HPC. “Tailor-made for the HPC market, the Apollo Series combines a modular design with innovative power distribution and air- and liquid-cooling techniques for extreme performance at rack scale, providing up to four times more performance per square foot than standard rack servers.”

New Energy Optimization Tools from Allinea at ISC’14

In this video from ISC’14, James Reinders from Intel and Patrick Wohlschlägel from Allinea discuss new energy optimization programming tools from Allinea Software. “Our developer-centric tool, Allinea MAP, will allow scientific code developers to focus energy optimization down into the source code — making changes to the application to drive faster performance and lower energy consumption at the same time.”

Video: Industrial Supercomputing, Why Do We Care?

“NCSA has worked with more than one-third of the Fortune50, in sectors including manufacturing, oil and gas, finance, retail/wholesale, bio/medical, life sciences, astronomy, agriculture, technology, and more. NCSA’s Private Sector Program currently boasts 26 partners. PSP’s core mission is to help its partner community gain a competitive edge through expert use of modern, high-performance digital and human resources.”

Intel’s Eric Barton on the Need to Move Beyond Posix for Exascale IO

In this video from ISC’14, Eric Barton from Intel describes the goals of the two-year FastForward Storage and IP Project, which the company wrapped up recently.

Bright Computing with New Capabilities at ISC’14

In this video from ISC’14, David Maples discusses some of the many benefits you can expect when you use a unified, enterprise-grade software solution to manage all of your clusters. “From automated health checks to node provisioning at the push of a button, there’s a lot to be gained by using the right tool for the job.”