MareNostrum Supercomputer to contribute 475 million core hours to European Research

Today the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre announced plans to allocate 475 million core hours of its supercomputer MareNostrum to 17 research projects as part of the PRACE initiative. Of all the nations participating in PRACE’s recent Call for Proposals, Spain is now the leading contributor of compute hours to European research.

Video: MareNostrum Supercomputer Powers LIGO Project with 20 Million Processor Hours

Today the Barcelona Supercomputing Center announced it has allocated 20 million processor hours to the LIGO project, the most recent winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics. “The importance of MareNostrum for our work is very easy to explain: without it we could not do the kind of work we do; we would have to change our direction of research.”

PRACE Awards Time on Marconi Supercomputer

PRACE has announced the winners of its 13th Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access. Selected proposals will receive allocations to the following PRACE HPC resources: Marconi and MareNostrum.

Supercomputing Super Eruptions at BSC

Researchers at BSC are using the MareNostrum supercomputer to study super eruptions–volcanic events with most destructive force on this planet. Only a few super volcanos exist in the world and when they erupt, they do so with a force tens of thousands of times greater than other eruptions. “A new study on the Campanian Ignimbrite super-eruption, which took place some 39,000 years ago near the modern city of Naples, provides a detailed reconstruction of this natural phenomenon which slowed the advance of Modern Humans in Europe.”