Cogniteam’s Nimbus Unifies Robot and Facility Sensor Integrations, Says Development Time Cut 60%

Feb. 15, 2023 — Cogniteam, creator of the Nimbus platform used to develop and perform remote updates, has announced a capability to develop and manage the robot, along with its IoT environment in one platform. Cogniteam said this means a 60 percent faster time to prototype and more reliable Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT) devices, […]

Cogniteam’s Nimbus Supports Cloud-Enabled Robot Deployment Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Platform

Jan. 11, 2022 — Robotics company Cogniteam today announced it is supporting the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform into its cloud-based robotics development and deployment platform, allowing cloud-enabled deployments to use NVIDIA technology for the first time. More customers are moving over to NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated technologies that can be developed and deployed through the cloud. […]

Nimbus Data Rolls Out ExaFlash Storage Platform

“The ExaFlash Platform is an historic achievement that will reshape the storage and data center industries,” said Thomas Isakovich, CEO and Founder of Nimbus Data. “It offers unprecedented scale (from terabytes to exabytes), record-smashing efficiency (95% lower power and 50x greater density than existing all-flash arrays), and a breakthrough price point (a fraction of the cost of existing all-flash arrays). ExaFlash brings the all-flash data center dream to reality and will help empower humankind’s innovation for decades to come.”