Penguin Solutions: OriginAI Expanded for AI Factory Deployments up to 16,000 GPUs

Penguin Solutions today announced the expansion of its OriginAI offering to include validated, pre-defined AI architectures incorporating NVIDIA technology. It includes Penguin’s cluster management software ….

How CIOs Can Prepare Their IT Organizations and Enterprises for Generative AI

This comprehensive IDC report explores how CIOs can unlock the power of Generative AI while mitigating risks. Why Should CIOs Focus Attention on Generative AI? Strategies for Managing Generative AI Preparing IT Organizations & Enterprises Download to read more.

Ebook-AI Factories for Enterprises with Penguin Solutions and NVIDIA

Organizations are leveraging the capabilities of Penguin and NVIDIA to build and operate state-of-the-art generative AI factories. In this Ebook you will learn The Challenges of generative AI Proven AI factory delivery at scale Real-World use cases Download now to read.

Air Force Research Lab Adds 12PFLOPS HPC System

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has announced the installation of a supercomputer built by Penguin Systems, named the Raider. The system delivers about 12 petaFLOPS of compute power, ranking it in the vicinity of the 50th most powerful system in the world, according to the TOP500 ranking of HPC systems. The system is part of the Department of Defense’s HPC Modernization Program….

At SC22 with 2 Senior Execs from Penguin Solutions

At Penguin Solutions’ SC22 booth, we caught up with two of the company’s senior executives, Kevin Tubbs, Vice President of the Strategic Solutions Group, and Chief Technology Officer Phil Pokorny Penguin’s booth was a busy place at the conference, offering, among things, live demos of: Its new HPC-in-the-Cloud control plane that enables point-and-click provisioning of […]

Penguin Solutions Launches Cloud-Native HPC/AI Control Plane and Announces Partnership with Google Cloud

Fremont, Calif., – November 15, 2022 – Penguin Solutions, an SGH brand (Nasdaq: SGH) that provides HPC, AI, and IoT technologies for edge, core, and cloud, today launched Scyld Cloud Central control plane, a new cloud-native HPC/AI offering, and announced its partnership with Google Cloud. This unified solution for on-premises and cloud-based HPC/AI clusters will provide customers with simplified cluster deployment, streamlined […]