Addressing the Scientific Reproducibility Crisis with Singularity

Michael Bauer from Sylabs gave this talk at the Perth HPC Conference. “Containers provide the means to encapsulate an application, its dependencies, data, and configurations, that allows for full mobility and reproducibility of the software stack. Containers have disrupted the Linux scene within the last few years because they have created a paradigm shift in what it means to package up and move applications and data.”

Video: AI is Impacting HPC Everywhere

Rob Farber gave this talk at the Perth HPC Conference. “Just as technology changes in the personal computer market brought about a revolution in the design and implementation of the systems and algorithms used in HPC, so are recent technology changes in machine learning bringing about an AI revolution in the HPC community. Expect new HPC analytic techniques including the use of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) in physics-based modeling and simulation, as well as reduced precision math libraries such as NLAFET and HiCMA to revolutionize many fields of research.”

Podcast: The Dos and Don’ts of RFP Benchmarks

In this podcast, reviews a presentation on Benchmarks in HPC Procurement Tenders by Tricia Balle of Cray. She gave the talk at the recent Perth HPC Conference. “We discuss how benchmarks should and shouldn’t be used in RFPs, and the relevant best practices; important stuff whether you are on the customer side or the vendor side.”

HPC AI Advisory Council Conference Returns to Perth Aug. 28-29

The HPC Advisory Council has posted the Agenda for their upcoming meeting in Perth, Australia. Hosted by the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, the event takes place August 28-29. “The Conference highlights Western Australia’s relevance and key role in delivering scientific breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity through leading centres like Pawsey.”