Mobile Edition: Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC16 in Salt Lake City

Welcome to the Mobile Edition for the Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC16 in Salt Lake City. Inside this guide you will find technical features on supercomputing, HPC interconnects, and the latest developments on the road to exascale. It also has great recommendations on food, entertainment, and transportation in SLC.

Local’s Guide to Food & Entertainment at SC16 in Salt Lake City

SC16 returns to Salt Lake City this year. And while SLC is known for its gorgeous views of the mountains, what our readers may not know is that Salt Lake City is full of Hip, yes hip restaurants, cafes, bars, and things to see and do. “In this feature from the Print ‘n Fly Guide Guide to SC16 in Salt Lake City, we offer you some great restaurant recommendations from the locals. Plus, we’ll tell you where to get great cigars, a day at the spa, and more.”