What’s Next for HPC? A Q&A with Michael Kagan, CTO of Mellanox

As an HPC technology vendor, Mellanox is in the business of providing the leading-edge interconnects that drive many of the world’s fastest supercomputers. To learn more about what’s new for SC16, we caught up with Michael Kagan, CTO of Mellanox. “Moving InfiniBand beyond EDR to HDR is critical not only for HPC, but also for the numerous industries that are adopting AI and Big Data to make real business sense out the amount of data available and that we continue to collect on a daily basis.”

Our Top Recommendation for a Great Dinner at SC16 in Salt Lake City

With SC16 coming to Salt Lake City, we asked the local’s for their top pick for a great dinner place. The winner was Copper Onion. “The restaurant located on busy Broadway (and steps from the convention center) in downtown SLC, is a welcome respite from the city.”

Transportation Guide to SC16 in Salt Lake City

Are you coming to SC16 in Salt Lake City? As far as transportation goes, SLC has gone through remarkable changes since we last visited at SC12. As you’ll learn in the Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC16 in Salt Lake City, a new light rail system will get you from the airport and all about town. At the same time, we’ll give you great tips to get around the new, unregulated taxi fares that could leave you feeling frustrated.

InfiniBand: When State-of-the-Art becomes State-of-the-Smart

Scot Schultz from Mellanox writes that the company is moving the industry forward to a world-class off-load network architecture that will pave the way to Exascale. “Mellanox, alongside many industry thought-leaders, is a leader in advancing the Co-Design approach. The key value and core goal is to strive for more CPU offload capabilities and acceleration techniques while maintaining forward and backward compatibility of new and existing infrastructures; and the result is nothing less than the world’s most advanced interconnect, which continues to yield the most powerful and efficient supercomputers ever deployed.”

Changing the Face of the SC Conference Series: An Interview with SC16 General Chair John West

“SC16 is really unique among conferences in the HPC community. There is simply no other conference where you can go to talk with every major participant in the HPC vendor community, see the latest research results, get HPC-specific training from the authorities in our field, mentor that next generation of leaders, and attend workshops that will shape tomorrow’s technology agenda.”