Cal Poly Wins Silicon Mechanics Research Cluster Grant

Today Silicon Mechanics announced that California Polytechnic State University is the recipient of its sixth annual Research Cluster Grant. As a result of its successful application, Cal Poly will receive a High-Performance Computing cluster with the latest high-performance processing, networking, storage and GPU technologies, valued at over $130,000 for use in demonstrated research and educational purposes going forward.

Win a Cluster for your Institution with the 2017 Research Cluster Grant

Today Silicon Mechanics announced the opening of the 6th Annual Research Cluster Grant (RCG) program. “We hope you will consider this opportunity to support your research by submitting a proposal or by forwarding this to others in your department who could benefit from this grant. The RCG is open to all United States and Canadian qualified post-secondary institutions, university-affiliated research institutions, non-profit research institutions and researchers at federal labs with university affiliations. Submissions will be reviewed for merit and related impacts. Further details on the grant rules and the technical specifications of the cluster itself are available on our Research Cluster Grant website.”

Silicon Mechanics is Intel’s ‘Channel Cares’ Partner of the Year

Today Silicon Mechanics announced that the company was recently named one of the Intel Corporation’s 2015 ISS Partner’s of the Year, specifically with Intel’s Channel Cares program. TheISS Partner of the Year award is given out each year at the company’s Intel Solutions Summit to 16 different partners across 16 different categories ranging from retail to security to healthcare, cloud solutions and more. This is the first time that Silicon Mechanics has appeared on the prestigious list.