Managing Genomics Data with DDN at the Sanger Institute

“We have to explore emerging technologies that could play a significant role in our future architecture,” said Tim Cutts. “We need solutions that give us a much better way to provide storage to our expanding user community with good access controls through iRODS.”

Slidecast: IBTA & OpenFabrics Update from SC13

In this slidecast, Bill Lee from the InfiniBand Trade Association and Rupert Dance from the Open Fabrics Alliance provide an update on InfiniBand and RDMA from their joint booth at SC13.

SDSC Wraps the Long-Tail Death Match at SC13

In this video, Rick Wagner from the San Diego Supercomputer Center describes the “Long-Tail Death Match,” a gaming competition running on a multipanel display at the SDSC booth at SC13. SDSC built the Meteor Cluster for the competition, a Beowulf cluster based on inexpensive Raspberry Pi computing devices.

Arizona Student Team Achieves $4.99 per Gigaflop

Over at The Register, Dan Olds writes that the recent SC13 Student Cluster Competition was a real eye opener in terms of what performance can be achieved with commodity hardware.

Mellanox FDR InfiniBand Continues Momentum on the TOP500 at SC13

“FDR InfiniBand delivers today the highest performance for high-performance computing, cloud, Web 2.0, database and storage applications. Our interconnect solutions connect nearly half of the world’s Petaflop systems, demonstrating the high system efficiency and scalability that our interconnect provides. We continue with our development efforts to bring the next generation of 100Gb/s interconnect solutions, which are expected to be released in 2014/2015 time frame.”

Torsten Hoefler on How the SC13 Best Paper Came Together

“In this work, we develop scalable bufferless protocols that implement the MPI-3.0 specification. Our protocols support scaling to millions of cores with negligible memory consumption while providing highest performance and minimal overheads.”

Young Prodigy from Rex Computing Using Parallella Boards for HPC

In this video from the Emerging Technologies Booth at SC13, Thomas Sohmers from Rex Computing describes how the company is using ARM-powered Parallella boards from Adapteva as building blocks for low-energy HPC clusters.

How Michael Waltrip Racing Speeds Past the NASCAR Competition with AMD

In this video from SC13, Donour Sizemore from Michael Waltrip Racing describes how his team uses AMD processors to CFD analysis of new NASCAR vehicle designs. According to Sizemore, even minute changes in the design of the vehicle can make the difference in their race to victory.

Scality on the Path to Exascale Computing

“The Scality Ring provides consistently low latency as well as automated, predictive, and scalable performance scaling into millions of IOPS, thousands of nodes, trillions of objects, and exabytes of capacity.”

Penguin Computing Doubles Down on GPU Density at SC13

In this video from SC13, Phil Pokorny from Penguin Computing describes the company’s latest innovations for HPC: