Interview: Adrian Cockcroft on What Matters for Startups

“Broadly speaking, Battery invests globally in cutting-edge, category-defining businesses in markets including enterprise IT, software and services, e-commerce, digital media and industrial technologies. And we invest at every stage of a company’s lifecycle from seed to buyout. From there, we are looking for big markets. Entrepreneurs who are building a great team and attacking a huge market opportunity are always of interest to us. We are also watching the tectonic shifts brought on by trends like cloud computing, big data and mobile, and working to identify the companies that are taking advantage of those trends to help define, or in many cases re-define, industries.”

Interview: Thomas Thurston on Bringing Data Science to StartupHPC

Thomas Thurston will make a special appearance at the StartupHPC meet-up Monday, November 17, in New Orleans! In this special feature, he gave us his candid perspectives on three areas: industry advisor, startup wisdoms and personal/professional development.

Gearing up for the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14

Cydney Ewald Stevens writes that attendees of the upcoming StartupHPC Meetup at SC14 are in for amazing day of helpful content on Nov. 17 in New Orleans.

Interview: Why You Shouldn’t Miss the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14

“The toughest challenge of being an HPC startup is credibility – building it or having it. And acceptance. Breaking into the (mind) space is hard. Think about a disruptive technology, like virtualization, and the years it took to champion the idea that it could be applied to ‘some’ workloads. Now it’s companies like DWave or ConnectX or even the Cloud, still. Or GPU or ARM, right. Ideas or companies challenging the current convention.”