Protecting the Future of Data Archives

“A complete examination requires looking at everything from interfaces to archive formats. No matter what anyone tells you, there is data that does not need to be on primary storage, and with the exponential growth of data, some of which might not be used for years, there is a need for archiving data—and for making sure that you’ll be able to access it and use it long after formats and interfaces have changed.”

Top 10 Data Storage Trends for 2014

In this slidecast, Molly Rector from Spectra Logic reviews her Top 10 Data Storage Trends for 2014. “Organizations will begin to recognize the benefits of Object Storage more easily as enterprise applications increasingly create support for Object and RESTful interfaces to storage.”

ESG Looks at Spectra’s Black Pearl for Deep Storage

In this video, ESG Senior Analysts Mark Peters and Jason Buffington give their impressions of the recent Spectra Logic Summit and the company’s BlackPearl storage product. BlackPearl enables the use of tape to easily store massive volumes of data objects and is ideal for any compute environment that needs to store data for long periods of time.

Moly Rector on What Deep Storage Brings to HPC

The new DS3 interface is a RESTful interface supported by all of its T-Series tape library data storage systems. By leveraging RESTful protocols, the DS3 interface enables modern architecture frameworks to easily and efficiently communicate with massively scalable deep storage technologies.