Accelerating HPC Applications on NVIDIA GPUs with OpenACC

Doug Miles from NVIDIA gave this talk at the Stanford HPC Conference. “This talk will include an introduction to the OpenACC programming model, provide examples of its use in a number of production applications, explain how OpenACC and CUDA Unified Memory working together can dramatically simplify GPU programming, and close with a few thoughts on OpenACC future directions.”

Accelerating HPC Programmer Productivity with OpenACC and CUDA Unified Memory

Doug Miles from NVIDIA gave this talk at SC17. “CUDA Unified Memory for NVIDIA Tesla GPUs offers programmers a unified view of memory on GPU-accelerated compute nodes. The CPUs can access GPU high-bandwidth memory directly, the GPUs can access CPU main memory directly, and memory pages migrate automatically between the two when the CUDA Unified Memory manager determines it is performance-profitable. PGI OpenACC compilers now leverage this capability on allocatable data to dramatically simplify parallelization and incremental optimization of HPC applications for GPUs.”

New PGI 17.7 Release Supports NVIDIA Volta GPUs

Today NVIDIA released Version 17.7 of PGI 2017 Compilers and Tools, delivering improved performance and programming simplicity to HPC developers who target multicore CPUs and heterogeneous GPU-accelerated systems.

PGI and NNSA to Open Source Fortran Compiler

Today the NNSA and its three national labs announced they have reached an agreement with Nvidia’s PGI software to create an open-source Fortran compiler designed for integration with the widely used LLVM compiler infrastructure.

PGI Accelerator Compilers Add OpenACC Support for x86

“Our goal is to enable HPC developers to easily port applications across all major CPU and accelerator platforms with uniformly high performance using a common source code base,” said Douglas Miles, director of PGI Compilers & Tools at NVIDIA. “This capability will be particularly important in the race towards exascale computing in which there will be a variety of system architectures requiring a more flexible application programming approach.”

PGI 14.4 Compiler Suite Adds OpenACC Features and Multicore Performance Gains

Today The Portland Group released Version 14.4 of the PGI 2014 Compilers and Tools suite with expanded OpenACC features and Multi-core x64 Performance Gains.