GIGABYTE Partners with Canonical to Certify Servers for Ubuntu

February 15th 2022 – High performance server and workstation maker GIGABYTE Technology today announced a partnership with Canonical to certify servers for the Ubuntu Server operating system to enable systems to be “quickly and confidently deployed,” GIBABYTE said. As part of GIGABYTE’s commitment to certifying enterprise solutions and to help customers with rapid deployment, GIGABYTE […]

Canonical Ubuntu Core 20: Securing Linux for IoT

Feb. 2, 202 — Canonical’s Ubuntu Core 20, a minimal, containerised version of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for IoT devices and embedded systems, is now generally available. This version bolsters device security with secure boot, full disk encryption, and secure device recovery. Ubuntu Core builds on the Ubuntu application ecosystem to create ultra-secure smart things. “Every […]

Sylabs releases SingularityPRO 3.5

Today Sylabs announced the release of SingularityPRO 3.5, a popular container platform for HPC, supercomputing, and AI. “SingularityPRO 3.5, released January 21st, 2020, brings exciting new features to the long-term professionally supported version of the container platform. Based on the open source 3.5.2 release, SingularityPRO will receive security and bug fixes for 3 years, making it an ideal solution for the business-driven needs of enterprise customers containerizing their compute workloads.”