HPE to Build NVIDIA-Powered 21 ExaFLOPS AI Supercomputer in UK

HPE will build an NVIDIA-powered £225 million supercomputer at the University of Bristol in the UK that is expected to deliver “well over” 200 petaFLOP/s using the Top500’s LINPACK benchmark, and more than 21 ExaFLOP/s of AI performance, according to the university. The system, called Isambard-AI, will be built on HPE Cray EX supercomputer architecte and will consist of 5,448 NVIDIA….

UK AI Supercomputer, ‘One of the Most Powerful in Europe,’ to Be Installed at Univ. of Bristol

The University of Bristol will host the new AI Research Resource, dubbed Isambard-AI, the UK announced, part of a £900 million supercomputing initiative made public last March. The UK said the system will be one the most powerful in Europe. “The world-class AIRR cluster will vastly increase the UK’s compute….

UK Looks to Join Exascale Club of Nations

The U.K.’s growing supercomputing infrastructure may include exascale-class HPC within a few years. A Bloomberg report states that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government is considering a plan to budget £800 million for a new leadership-class system, whose inflation-adjusted costs would be in line with the cost of the $600 million Frontier exascale system at Oak […]