OpenVDNA Project Learns Visual DNA

Fans of open source Machine Learning got a boost today with the launch of an Exascale Visual AI initiative to sequence Visual DNA from images using Volume Learning to enable new applications. “A global backbone of supercomputers will learn, record and serve visual DNA to innumerable connected applications, providing basic visual AI services for industrial inspection, inventory, commerce and daily life. Volume learning and visual DNA will become ubiquitous, popular, simple and free.”

Visual Genomes Foundation Looks to Exascale for Ai

A new effort from the Visual Genomes Foundation (VGF) looks to move visual artificial intelligence forward in big way. The first step: learn and record exabytes of visual DNA features from millions of images in a collaborative effort that is open to industry, academia, and government partners. “Nobody has ever created a working model of the entire human visual system – a true synthetic vision system. We have a first generation model working now that will only get better over time.”