Virtus Expands Slough Data Centre with Addition of London11

London – Oct. 13, 2020, VIRTUS Data Centres (VIRTUS), London’s leading data centre company and part of ST Telemedia Global Data Centres Group, announced today that it is embarking on further expansion of its West London campus in Slough. With LONDON3, LONDON4, LONDON9 and LONDON10 already live, or in the final stages of construction, VIRTUS […]

HPC and the HDC Datacenter

In this special guest feature from Scientific Computing World, Darren Watkins from Virtus Data Centres explains the importance of building a data centre from the ground up to support the requirements of HPC users – while maximizing productivity, efficiency and energy usage. “The reality for many IT users is they want to run analytics that –with the growth of data – have become too complex and time critical for normal enterprise servers to handle efficiently.”