XTREME-D Launches HPC G4 Instance on Bare Metal High-Speed Computing Environment

Tokyo, August 26, 2021 – Platform as a service provider XTREME-D today announced the launch of a new instance on its bare metal high-speed computing environment. Named G4 for the company’s fourth generation model, it was developed as an all-in-one solution using AXXE-L One, XTREME-D’s first server product, announced in June. AXXE-L by XTREME-D is […]

XTREME-D Announces Technical Alliance with Fujitsu

Palo Alto, California, June 10, 2021 – Japanese HPC Cloud company XTREME-D today announced the formation of a technical alliance with Fujitsu Limited to conduct verification tests of Fujitsu’s PRIMEHPC FX700 on XTREME-D’s high-speed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment. The two companies are planning a series of joint activities through this alliance, starting with […]

XTREME-D Launches New HPC Infrastructure Services with Digital Realty

Today Award-winning Japanese HPC Cloud company XTREME-D announced an agreement with San Francisco-based Digital Realty, a leading global provider of data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions. MC Digital Realty will supply 10kW racks from its Digital Osaka 2 facility to host XTREME-D’s flagship product, XTREME-Stargate. XTREME-D has also formed a strategic alliance with Lenovo Enterprise Solutions Ltd. to be a supply partner for the product.

XTREME-D Now Accepting US Orders for Unique HPC Cloud Platform

Today Award-winning Japanese HPC Cloud company XTREME-D today announced that its flagship product, XTREME-Stargate, will be available in the US in Q1. “XTREME-Stargate is a fully automated service for deploying, monitoring, and managing a virtual supercomputer on public or private cloud, and includes managed services via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), system software for automation, high performance storage, and specialized professional services provided by XTREME-D’s HPC architecture team.”

XTREME-Stargate G2 Service to offer Next-gen cloud Supercomputing for AI

Today Cloud HPC company XTREME-D today announced the official release of XTREME-Stargate G2, what it calls “next-gen cloud supercomputing for AI” with Intel’s latest CPU. “Announced in October, XTREME-Stargate has an increasing number of early adopters among commercial companies, national laboratories, and academia. The device provides High Performance Computing and graphics processing and is cost effective for both simulation and data analysis.”

XTREME-D IaaS Platform Works to Simplify HPC Cloud Cluster Management

An IaaS platform can help keep HPC cloud cluster users out of the cluster management business. A new white paper from XTREME-D, “Point and Click HPC: The XTREME-Stargate IaaS Platform”, explores how the Stargate platform, that provides a web portal to cluster resources, can increase user efficiency, eliminate cluster administration costs and acts as a “pay-as-you-go” cloud model, simplifying HPC cloud clusters and making them more accessible.

XTREME-D Launches HPC as a Service at SC18

In this video from SC18, Naoki Shibata from XTREME-D describes the company’s new HPC-as-a-Service offering. “Customers can use our easy-to-deploy turnkey HPC cluster system on public cloud, including setup of HPC middleware (OpenHPC-based packages), configuration of SLURM, OpenMPI, and OSS HPC applications such as OpenFOAM. The user can start the HPC cluster (submitting jobs) within 10 minutes on the public cloud. Our team is a technical startup for focusing HPC cloud technology. Our team has the optimal skill set for HPC architecture, public cloud architecture, rapid development of web applications for HPC, and Data Analytics for developing automated HPC architectural services.”

Instant Gratification Takes Too Long and Costs Too Much for HPC. Or Does It?

In this special guest post, Peter ffoulkes writes that automation software from companies like XTREME-D are making HPC datacenters more productive every day. “One such example of these capabilities comes from startup XTREME-D, which provides a simple point-and-click user interface based on HPC workload templates and the XTREME-Stargate cluster portal, which acts as a “super head node” to provide simple access to virtual cluster resources.”

XTREME-Stargate Launches “New era of Cloud Platform for AI and HPC”

Today HPC Cloud Startup XTREME-D announced the official release of XTREME-Stargate, a gateway appliance that delivers a new way to access and manage high-performance cloud for the next AI generation. “XTREME-Stargate is an innovative next-generation HPC cloud platform from a start-up focused on HPC cloud offerings. It provides high performance computing and graphics processing and is cost effective for both simulation and data analysis.”

Choosing the Right Type of Cloud for HPC Lets Scientists Focus on Science

Naoki Shibata from XTREME-D writes that choosing the right type of cloud computing is key to increasing efficiency. “One challenge that HPC, DA, and DL end users face is to keep focused on their science and engineering and not get bogged down with system administration and platform details when ensuring that they have the clusters they need for their work. It has often been said that if scalable cluster computing can become more turnkey and user-friendly (and less costly), then the market will expand to many new areas.”