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Zapata Computing opens early access to Orquestra for quantum-enabled workflow

Today Zapata Computing announced an Early Access Program to Orquestra, its end-to-end platform for quantum-enabled workflows. Providing the most software- and hardware-interoperable, enterprise quantum toolset, Orquestra enables advanced technology, R&D and academic teams to accelerate quantum solutions for complex computational problems in optimization, machine learning and simulation across a variety of industries. “Orquestra is the only system for managing quantum workflows. By providing frictionless collaboration and rapid iteration, it helps Zapata and our entire community accelerate the discovery and development of near-term quantum algorithms and applications.”

Honeywell Ventures paves way for Quantum System from Zapata Computing

Today quantum startup Zapata Computing announced a strategic investment from Honeywell Ventures, the venture capital arm of Honeywell. The investment will fuel continued enhancements to Zapata Computing’s platform and increase its ability to support its global customers. Prior to today’s investment, Zapata Computing has been developing quantum solutions in a technical collaboration with Honeywell, which announced plans today to be releasing a powerful trapped-ion quantum computer within the next three months.