Transportation: Print ‘n Fly Guide to New Orleans

Transportation: Print ‘n Fly Guide to New Orleans

Airport Shuttles versus Cabs

Cab fair from MSY varies somewhat, but in general cabs will charge around $35-$40 (with tip) to take you downtown from the airport. Though that’s generally the fastest option, many hotels also offer downtown airport shuttles (for $15-$20 per person) that take a little longer but are almost half the price. Check with your hotel to see which options are available!

Calling a Cab

Though New Orleans has cabs of all shapes and sizes, United Cab is the only service recommended by City Hall. Riders in need can either call dispatch (504-522-9771 or 504-524- 9606) and request a ride, or they can hail one of the many cabs available on any given evening. If no United Cabs are around, White Fleet is also a fairly safe bet.


If you didn’t rent a car and don’t like cabs, don’t worry! Downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter are considered some of the most walkable tourist destinations in the country, and most locals are happy to help tourists find their way if they get lost. Because the streets are so narrow and the buildings are so clustered, many phones will have trouble getting an accurate GPS lock. That means you can’t count on your phone to tell you where to go, so it’s best to carry a paper map at all times.


You’ll have the time of your life in New Orleans, but remember to stay safe! Though the Big Easy is a lot of fun, it also has a very high crime rate and certain neighborhoods can be dangerous, especially at night. Luckily, many areas of the city never close down, so there are almost always police patrols and tourist foot traffic along the main drags of the city, at any time of day or night. Be sure to stay on well lit, busy streets at all times, and never walk by yourself if you can help it. Stay alert, be safe, and have fun.