Video Gallery: 2014 HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference



Welcome to the 2014 HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference.

  • HPC Advisory Council Activities (Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council) Video * Slides
  • HPC Resources & Training in the BSC, the RES and PRACE (Montse González, Barcelona Supercomputing Center) Video * Slides
  • Keynote: Scalable HPC Communication Capabilities (Richard Graham, MPI Forum) Video * Slides
  • HPC Software in 2014 (Christopher Willard, Intersect 360) Video * Slides
  • Panasas HPC Storage: Simplicity and Performance (Jose Carreira, Panasas) Video * Slides
  • SFA12KX and Lustre Update (Maria Perez Gutierrez, DDN) Video * Slides
  • First Experience with Lustre DNE (Hussein Harake, the Swiss Supercomputing Center – CSCS) Video * Slides
  • Cluster Optimizations – How to Achieve Optimal Performance (Pak Lui, HPC Advisory Council) Video * Slides
  • Increasing the Throughput of your GPU-enabled Cluster with rCUDA (Federico Silla, Technical University of Valencia) Video * Slides
  • Parallware: Automatic Parallelization of Sequential Codes (Manuel Arenaz, CEO at Appentra and Professor at the University of A Coruña, Spain) Video * Slides
  • Adventures in Parallel Filesystems (James Coomer, DDN) Video * Slides

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