Video Gallery: 2017 HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference


Welcome to the 2017 Stanford HPC Conference


Day One: Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2017

  • Welcome, Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council, Video
  • HPC Meets Big Data: Accelerating Hadoop, Spark, and Memcached, DK Panda, Ohio State University, Video not available * Slides
  • Architecting Flash for Scale and Performance in HPC, Liran Zvibel, Weka.IO, Video * Slides
  • Singularity: Containers for Science, reproducibility, and HPC, Greg Kurtzer, LBNL, Video * Slides
  • Tutorial: Intel® HPC Orchestrator ~ from Bare Metal to Production HPC, David Lombard & Steve Jones, Video * Slides
  • Industry Insights: A Fresh Look at High Performance Computing, Francis Lam, Huawei Enterprise, Video * Slides
  • Best Practices: The Era of Self-Tuning Servers, Tomer Morad, DatArcs, Video * Slides
  • Tutorial: Towards Exascale Computing with Fortran 2015, Damian Rouson & Alessandro Fanfarillo, Video * Slides
  • Best Practices: Large Scale Multiphysics, Frank Ham, Cascade Technologies, Video * Slides
  • Industry Insights: Hot Technology Topics in 2017, Shahin Khan, OrionX, Video * Slides
  • Panel: The Exascale Endeavor, Moderator: Gilad Shainer, Panel: John Shalf, DK Panda, Frank Ham, Addison Snell, Video
  • Twilight Tutorial: Machine Learning Bootcamp, NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (Scot Schultz & Julie Bernauer), Video * Slides

Day Two: Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017

  • Beyond the Moore’s Law Cliff: The Next 1000X, Subhasish Mitra, Stanford, Video * Slides not available
  • Best Practices: Designing HPC & Deep Learning Middleware for Exascale Systems, DK Panda, Video * Slides
  • Best Practices: Multi-Physics Methods, Modeling, Simulation & Analysis, Mahdi Esmaily, Stanford University, Center for Turbulence Research, Video * Slides
  • Best Practices: State of Linux Containers, Christian Kniep, Gaikai Inc., Video * Slides
  • Industry Insights: HPC Computing Trends, Addison Snell, Intersect360 Research, Video * Slides
  • Best Practices: Application Profiling at the HPCAC High Performance Center, Pak Lui, HPC Advisory Council, Video * Slides
  • Best Practices: Containerizing Distributed Pipes, Hagen Toennies, Gaikai Inc., Video * Slides
  • Deep Learning & HPC: New Challenges for Large Scale Computing, NVIDIA Julie Bernauer, Video
  • Tutorial: In-Network Computing SHARP Technology for MPI Offloads, Devendar Bureddy, Mellanox Technologies, Video
  • HPC Impact: Using HPC in a Cohort Study of the Health Effects of Handgun Ownership in California, Yifan Zhang & David M. Studdert, Stanford University School of Medicine & Stanford Law School, Video
  • Computing of the Future, Jeffrey Welser, IBM Research Almaden, Video