Video Gallery: 2018 HPC User Forum in Tucson

Welcome to the Video Gallery for the 2018 HPC User Forum in Tucson

The HPC User Forum was established in 1999 to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users ( The organization has grown to 150 members. It is directed by a volunteer Steering Committee of users from government, industry and academia, and operated for the users. We hold two full-membership meetings a year in the United States, and also hold two meetings annually in international locations.



  • Updated HPC Market Forecast, Earl Joseph, Hyperion Research * Video * Slides
  • The AI Transparency Issue, Steve Conway, Hyperion Research * Video * Slides
  • Addressing Key Science Challenges with Adversarial Neural Networks, Wahid Bhimji, NERSC  * Video * Slides
  • HPC Use for Earthquake Research, Christine Goulet, Southern California Earthquake Center * Video * Slides
  • Exploiting Exascale Platforms for Regional-Scale Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment, David McCallen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • The Use of HPC to Model the California Wildfires, Ilkay Altintas, San Diego Supercomputer Center * Video * Slides
  • Using ORNL Titan to Develop 50,000 Years of Flood Risk Scenarios for the National Flood Insurance Program, Dag Lohmann, KatRisk * Video * Slides
  • HPE Vendor Technology Update, Jimmy Daley, HPE * Video * Slides
  • End User Site Update: University of Bristol, Simon Burbidge * Video
  • HPC and Precision Medicine – A New Framework for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Joseph Lombardo, NSCEE at UNLV * Video * Slides
  • Big Data Assimilation Revolutionizing Weather Prediction, Miyoshi Takemasa, RIKEN * Video
  • The Galactos Project: Using HPC To Run One of Cosmology’s Hardest Challenges, Deborah Bard, NERSC * Video * Slides
  • Intel Technology Update (no video) * Slides
  • University of Ariziona HPC, Chris Reidy * Video * Slides
  • Technical Updates on Processors Panel Discussion * Video
    • AMD, Jay Owen, video not available
    • ARM, ARMv8, Srinath Vadlamani * Video
    • IBM, Power 9 plus Open CAPI, Jeff Stuecheli * Video * Slides
    • Intel, Mark Kachmarek * Video
    • NVIDIA, Dale Southard * Video
  • The Threat of Asteroids and What We Are Doing About It, by Dr. Donovan Mathias, acting deputy chief of NASA’s NAS Division * Video
  • HPC in Ontario, Canada: Chris Loken, Compute Ontario * Video * Slides

Session: Quantum Computing. Chair: Rupak Biswas * Intro Video

  • John Martinis, Google * Video * Slides
  • T.R. Govindan, NASA * Video
  • Jim Held, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Jay Gambetta, IBM * Video
  • Steve Reinhardt, D-wave Systems * Video * Slides
  • Matthias Troyer, Microsoft * Video * Slides
  • Blake Johnson, Rigetti Computing * Video * Slides
  • Carl Williams, NIST * Video * Slides
  • Xiaobo Zhu, Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information at China’s University of Science and Technology * Video * Slides

Innovative Technologies Panel: Short 4-minute presentations of HPC-enabled innovations


  • Dell EMC Technology Update * Video
  • Understanding AI for HPC and HPC for AI: Lessons, Gaps and Challenges, Rangan Sukumar, Cray * Video * Slides
  • Summary of Quantum Computing Survey Results from Hyperion Research, Bob Sorensen, Hyperion Research * Video * Slides
  • Panel Discussion: HPC and Quantum Computing. Moderator: Bob Sorensen * Video
  • HPC Innovation Excellence Winner: HPC Simulations of the Impact of Drug- induced Arrhythmias in Living Hearts, Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud * Video * Slides