Video Gallery: Adaptive Computing at SC13



  • Smart Power Management with NREL, HP, and Adaptive Computing (Dave Jackson, Adaptive Computing) Video
  • Sharing Resources with Grid and Cloud (Ian Nate, Adaptive Computing) Video
  • New Moab Task Manager & Support for Intel HPC Distribution for Hadoop (Rob Clyde, Adaptive Computing) Video
  • How Moab Task Manager Speeds Throughput on Short Computing Jobs  (Dave Jackson, Adaptive Computing) Video
  • Creating a Better Infrastructure to Manage Big Data (Trev Harmon, Adaptive Computing) Video
  • Adaptive Computing Overview and New Technologies (Ian Nate, Adaptive Computing) Video
  • Moab Case Study at Yale (Chris Hunter, Yale) Video
  • Supporting CAE with Moab and Remote Visualization (Brian Freed, SGI) Video
  • Managing Hyperscale Environments with HP Insight CMU (Bill Cellmaster, HP) Video
  • Supporting Multiple Researchers Using Moab (Brian Andrus, Naval Postgraduate School) Video
  • Peregrine at NREL (Matt Bidwell, NREL) Video
  • NREL’s Peregrine: HP’s Warm Water Cooled HPC Platform (Nicholas Dube, HP) Video
  • Implementing a State Wide HPC Project (Mehmet Soysal, bwHPC) Video
  • Moab Workload Manager in the SMB HPC Environment (Anne M. Hammond, Tech-X) Video
  • 10 Years of Moab Usage at WestGrid (Andrew Simmonds, WestGrid) Video
  • Porting Hadoop to HPC (Ralph Castain, Intel) Video
  • Scheduling Models Using Moab to Get Very High Utilization (Curtis Hillegas, Princeton University) Video
  • Bimodal Scheduling Approach on Kraken and Keeneland (Troy Baer, NICS) Video