Video Gallery: HPC User Forum in Austin, Sept. 6-8, 2016

HPC User Forum

Welcome to the HPC User Forum in Austin, Sept. 6-8, 2016

HPC Market Update (short version): Earl Joseph, IDC, Video * Slides

HPC Market Update and New ROI with HPC Results (complete presentation): Earl Joseph, IDC, Video *

Exascale Initiatives Around the World:

  • Japan’s Post-K Computer: Yutaka Ishikawa (RIKEN) Video * Slides
  • The DOE Exascale Computing Project: Paul Messina (ECP) Video * Slides
  • Europe’s HPC Strategy: Leonardo Flores (European Commission) Video * Slides

High Performance Computing – Powering Innovation with Dell Systems, Ed Turkel, Dell Technologies, Video

HPC in the Cloud, Robert Graybill, Nimbis Services, Video

EMC HPC Technology Update, Percy Tzelnic, Dell Technologies, Video * Slides

Why use Tables and Graphs for Knowledge Discovery System? John Feo (PNNL) Video * Slides

Intel Scalable System Framework, Gary Paek, Intel, Video * Slides

HPC Performance Metrics

  • Measuring HPC Performance, Cost and Value, Andy Jones (NAG) Video
  • Analysis of Intel SSDs on SGI UV 300, Nikos Trikoupis, City University of New York, Video * Slides
  • High Performance Computing – Powering Innovation with Dell Systems, Ed Turkel, Dell Technologies, Video
  • EMC in HPC – The Journey so Far & and the Road Ahead with Dell, Percy Tzelnic, Dell Technologies, Video
  • A Consolidated HPC Environment: Challenges & Benefits, Ramesh Krishnan of Orbital ATK, Video not available

Addressing the Critical Issue of HPC Workforce Development:

  • Data Center Management Minor at UT-Knoxville: Bridging the Gap between Computing and Facilities, Jim Serafin (ORNL) Video * Slides
  • Computational Science Education at the Technical University of Munich, Hans- Joachim Bungartz (Technical University of Munich) Video * Slides
  • Education and Workforce Development at TACC: Melyssa Fratkin, Texas Advance Computing Center, Video * Slides
  • Preparing Students for HPC Careers in the Energy Sector: Jan Odegard, Rice University, Video * Slides
  • Panel Discussion: Addressing the Critical Issue of HPC Workforce Development, Video

IDC New Research: Exascale Tracking Study: Earl Joseph, IDC, Video

HPC4mfg RFP Announcement, Wayne O Miller, LLNL, Video * Slides

Emerging Technology Trends: High Performance Data Analysis

  • Rescuing Lost History: Using Big Data to Recover Black Women’s Lived Experiences: Ruby Mendenhall (University of Illinois) Video * Slides
  • Lexis-Nexis Active Insights Program: Flavio Villanustre (Lexis-Nexis) Video * Slides

HPE Vendor Technology Update, Video

IDC Research on Cyber Security, Bob Sorensen, Video * Slides

Aerospace CFD: Past, Present and Future, Doug Ball, Video not available

Disruptive Technologies Panel & Updates Video

Disruptive Vendor Slides:

HPC in the Oil and Gas/Energy Sector

  • Introduction to HPC in Oil and Gas: Keith Gray (BP) SlidesVideo not available
  • Exploration Seismology and the Return of the Supercomputer: Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl (PGS) Video * Slides
  • The Value of Imaging in the Oil and Gas Market: Scott Michell (BP) Video and Slides not available

HPC in the Oil and Gas/Energy Sector

  • Total-ORNL CRADA to Port Codes to Run on GPUs: David Bernholdt (ORNL) Video * Slides
  • Connections between Seismic Imaging Technology and Computing: John Etgen (BP) Video * Slides