Video Gallery: HPC User Forum in Santa Fe

Welcome to the 2019 HPC User Forum in Santa Fe.

The HPC User Forum was established in 1999 to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users (


  • Dinner Keynote: A history of LANL, Terry Wallace, Director Emeritus for Los Alamos National Lab * Video


  • HPC Market Update, Earl Joseph, Hyperion Research * Video * Slides
  • Thermodynamics of Computation: Far More Than Counting Bit Erasure, David Wolpert, Santa Fe Institute * Video * Slides
  • Exascale Computing in Europe, Leonardo Flores, European Commission  * Video * Slides
  • Exascale Computing Project Software Activities, Mike Heroux, Sandia National Laboratories * Video * Slides
  • CoMet Comparative Genomics Code: Gordon Bell Prize Winner, Wayne Joubert, Oak Ridge National Laboratory  * Video * Slides
  • HPE Technical Update  * Video * Slides
  • Intel Technical Update, Bob Burroughs, Intel * Video * Slides
  • ECP Co-Design Center for Machine Learning, Frank Alexander, Brookhaven National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine (ATOM), Amanda Minnich, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Security of Data at Rest, NIST standards, and NIAP/Common Criteria, Henry Newman, Seagate Government Solutions * Video * Slides
  • Moving from Extreme Scale Data to Extreme Scale Metadata Concerns: It’s About Time! Gary Grider, Los Alamos National Laboratory * Video * Slides
  • Penguin Computing HPC Cloud, Martin Reiger, Penguin Computing  * Video * Slides
  • Dell Technical Update, Ed Turkel, Dell EMC * Video * Slides
  • HPCMP Requirements for Metadata and Archiving at Scale, Amanda Tumminello, Navy DoD Shared Resource Center * Video * Slides
  • Quantum Computing Research at ORNL, Travis Humble, Oak Ridge National Laboratory * Video
  • Innovative Technologies Panel #1: Red Hat, Xtreme-D, AMD, Cray, Altair, and DDC/ScaleMatrix  * Video
  • Automating Data Analysis Workflows – Why Data Management is Important in an Era of HPDA, Jack R. Collins, National Cancer Institute, Video * Slides


  • New AI Hardware and Trends, Alex Norton, Hyperion Research * Video * Slides
  • Personalized Healthcare with High Performance Computing in the Cloud, Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud * Video * Slides
  • Evolving NASA’s Data and Information Systems for Earth Science, Rahul Ramachandran, NASA * Video * Slides
  • AMD Technical Update * Video * Slides
  • Data Movement and Tiering with DMF 7, Kirill Malkin, HPE  * Video * Slides
  • MetaOcean: Handling Massive and Sensitive Metadata from Precision Medicine, Frank Lee, IBM * Video not available
  • iRODS Open Source Data Management Software, Terrell Russell, RENCI  * Video * Slides
  • Dealing with Extreme Requirements in HPC, Frank Herold, Thinkparq/BeeGFS  * Video * Slides
  • Panel Session: Metadata and Archiving at Scale, Panasas, HPE DMF, * Video
  • ARM in HPC  * Video * Slides
  • Arm A64fx and Post-K: A Game-Changing CPU & Supercomputer, Satoshi Matsuoka, RIKEN  * Video * Slides

  • Innovative Technologies Panel #2: CPC, D-Wave, Tachyum, ARM, IBM, and Panasas * Video
  • Education and Training for HPC, Melyssa Fratkin, Texas Advanced Computing Center * Video * Slides
  • The Computing4Change Program, Kelly Gaither, Texas Advanced Computing Center * Video * Slides
  • Computational Sciences and Educational Initiatives at the University of New Mexico, Patrick Bridges  * Video * Slides
  • DoD STEM Activities, Kevin Newmeyer, DoD HPCMP * Video not available
  • Panel Discussion: STEM and HPC Workforce Issues  * Video