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Video Gallery: Santa Fe HPC User Forum

Welcome to the Santa Fe HPC User Forum

  • Update on The Exascale Computing Project (ECP), Paul Messina, Exascale Computing Project, Video * Slides
  • The ECP Tech Industry Council, David Martin, ECP and Suzy Tichenor, ORNL, Video * Slides
  • Εuropean Exascale System Ιnterconnect & Storage, Peter Hopton, Iceotope, Slides * Video
  • Worldwide best practices in partnerships between HPC Centers and Industrial Users, Irene Qualters, NSF, Slides, Video
  • Partnership Between HPC Centers & Industry – Preliminary Findings, Bill Kramer, NCSA, and Steve Conway, Hyperon, Slides, Video
  • HPC Technology Trends, Eng Lim Goh, HP Enterprise, Video
  • Advances in Combustion Research With Big Data, Pete Bradley, Pratt & Whitney, Video
  • HPE Update: Bill Mannel, HP Enterprise, Video * Slides
  • Emerging Opportunities in HPC Cloud & Collocation Services, Joseph Lombardo, Executive Director, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Video * Slides
  • Intel Technology Update, Trish Damkroger, Intel, Video * Slides
    • Update on Intel Lustre, Video
  • Industry Relations at TACC, Melyssa Fratkin, TACC, Video * Slides
  • Industrial Engagement Highlights at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, Ron Hawkins, Video
  • Industrial Applications of in situ Post-Processing to Enable HPC-Scale CFD, Steve Legensky, Intelligent Light, Video


  • High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA): HPC -Big Data Convergence, Steve Conway, Video, Slides
  • ROI with HPC Results: Earl Joseph, Video
  • Coupled Monte Carlo Neutronics and Fluid Flow Simulation of Small Modular Reactors, Thom Evans, ORNL, Video
  • The Molecular Sciences Software Institute, Daniel Crawford, Virginia Tech, Video
  • The OpenHPC Collaborative, Robert Wisniewski, Intel, Video * Slides
  • Deploying a Software Ecosystem for Science & Engineering Applications at a Regional HPC Center, Karen Tomko, OSC, Video * Slides
  • The Globus Alliance, Lee Liming, University of Chicago, Video * Slides
  • Vendor Technology Update: Ed Turkel, Dell/EMC, Video * Slides
  • ARM HPC Ecosystem, Darren Cepulis, ARM, Video * Slides
  • Overview of the Exascale Additive Manufacturing Project (ExaAM), John Turner, ORNL, Video * Slides
  • IBM Datacentre Servers & OpenPOWER, Yoonho Park, IBM Research, Video * Slides
  • From CFT to Gen-Z to HAL: Reflections and Predictions of HPC Software Stacks, Sunny Sundstrom, HP Enterprise, Video * Slides
  • Leveraging HPC for the Real-Time Quantitative MRI, Joe Allen, TACC, Video
  • NWChemEx: Moving Computational Chemistry to the Exascale, Dr. Robert Harrison, Stony Brook University, Video * Slides
  • HPC Accelerating Combustion Engine Design, Sibendu Som, ANL, Video * Slides