Video Gallery: Switzerland HPC Conference 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Switzerland HPC Conference

Day 1:

Welcome, Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council, Video * Slides

An Update on CSCS, Michele de Lorenzi, CSCS, Video * Slides

Visionary Perspective: Foundations of Cognitive Computing, Costas Bekas, IBM Research Zurich, Video * Slides

High-Performance and Scalable Designs of Programming Models for Exascale Systems, DK Panda, Ohio State University, Video * Slides

Industry Insights: A Fresh Look at High Performance Computing, Francis Lam, Huawei Enterprise, Video * Slides

Best Practices: A PCIe Congestion-Aware Performance Model for Densely Populated Accelerator Servers, Maxime Martinasso, CSCS, Video * Slides

Best Practices: Fabriscale Monitoring System, Tor Skeie, Fabriscale Technologies, Video * Slides

BXI: Bull Exascale Interconnect, Marc Simon, Atos, Video * Slides

Best Practices: dCUDA: Hardware Supported Overlap of Computation and Communication, Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zurich, Video * Slides

Best Practices: Introduction to Deep Learning, Zaikun Xu, DeepCube, Video * Slides

Industry Insights: OpenPOWER a Catalyst for Open Innovation, Mingzhi Christensen, OpenPOWER Global Alliances, Video * Slides

Best Practices: OpenCAPI: A New Standard for High Performance Memory, Acceleration and Networks, Jeffrey Stuecheli, IBM, Video * Slides

Panel: Exascale Era, Panelists: Torsten Hoefler, DK Panda, Gilad Shainer, Moderator: Rich Brueckner, Video

Twilight Tutorial: Getting Started with Deep Learning, Gunter Roeth, NVIDIA, Video * Slides


DAY 2:

NIBR Scientific Computing, Nick Holway, Novartis, Video * Slides

Big Data Meets HPC – Exploiting HPC Technologies for Accelerating Big Data Processing, DK Panda, Ohio State University, Video * Slides

The Computer That Could Be Smarter than Us – Cognitive Computing, Ingolf Wittmann, IBM, Video * Slides

Tutorial: Recent Advances of Deep Learning, Zaikun Xu, DeepCube, Video * Slides

In-Network Computing, Rich Graham, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides

Deep Learning on SaturnV Cluster, Gunter Roeth, Nvidia, Video * Slides

SPACK: A Package Manager for Supercomputers, Linux and MacOS, Massimiliano Culpo, EPFL, Video * Slides

Lenovo HPC Strategy Update, Luigi Brochard, Lenovo, Video * Slides

Deep Learning on Intel Xeon Phi, Claire Bild, Intel, Video Not Available * Slides

Tutorial: Using EasyBuild and Continuous Integration for Deploying Scientific Applications on Large Scale Production Systems, Guilherme Peretti-Pezzi, ETHZ/CSCS, Video * Slides

Infinite Memory Engine and Faster Brain Simulation, Jean Thomas Acquaviva, DDN, Video * Slides

Scalable Systems for Distributed Deep Learning – Benchmarking, Performance Optimization and Architectures, Gaurav Kaul, Intel, Video * Slides

Tracing Marketplace Innovations Using Big Data on HPC Clusters, Gilles Fourestey, EPFL, Video * Slides

HPC and Hyperscale Trends for 2017, Michael Feldman,, Video * Slides



OpenStack from the Basics to Production Experiences on Jetstream, David Hancock & Mike Lowe, Indiana University, Video * Slides

Integration Partnerships Help: GPU-SPHEROS Takes Off, Lionel Clavien, Groupe T2i  and Siamak Alimirzazadeh, PFL, Video * Slides

Best Practices: Application Profiling at the HPCAC High Performance Center, Pak Lui, HPC Advisory Council, Video * Slides

Industry Insights: Future of HPC Storage on the Path of Exascale and AI, Gabriele Paciucci, Intel, Video * Slides

Tutorial: Open Stack, Saverio Proto, SWITCH, Video * Slides

Best Practices: HPC Workload Efficiency and Challenges for System Builders, Martin Hilgeman, Dell, Video * Slides

Best Practices: rCUDA Technology: Improvements toward a Production Ready Software, Federico Silla, Technical University of Valencia, Video * Slides

Tutorial: SPACK: The Daily Job of a User (and a Packager), Massimiliano Culpo, EPFL, Video * Slides

10 Things You’re Wrong About in HPC, Rich Brueckner, insideHPC, Video * Slides

Industry Insights: High Performance Interconnects – Assessments, Rankings and Landscape, Dan Olds,, Video * Slides

Best Practices: HPC Workflows Using Containers, Dr. Lucas Benedicic & Dr. Felipe A. Cruz, CSCS – ETHZ, Video * Slides

OpenStack and the Software-Defined Supercomputer, Stig Telfer, StackHPC, Video * Slides