NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing. The GPU, our invention, serves as the visual cortex of modern computers and is at the heart of our products and services. Our work opens up new universes to explore, enables amazing creativity and discovery, and powers what were once science fiction inventions like artificial intelligence and autonomous cars.

Beginning as a standard PC graphics chip company, NVIDIA has transformed into a specialized platform company that targets four very large markets — Gaming, Professional Visualization, Datacenter and Auto — where visual computing is essential and deeply valued. We are singularly focused on the field of visual computing with the ability to deliver our value through PC, mobile and cloud architectures. We are vertically integrated and bring together GPUs, system software, algorithms, systems and services to create unique value for the markets we serve.

In 1999, we invented the GPU — a revolutionary processor that makes possible the beautiful graphics in today's games and films, as well as the advances in artificial intelligence behind magical apps and autonomous cars. A couple years later, the Programmable Shader gave artists an infinite palette for artistic expression. With CUDA, we extended the unique parallel processing capabilities of the GPU to solve massively complex computing problems, like the simulation of viruses and weather. Today, accelerated computing is broadly recognized as the path forward in the "post-Moore's Law era." Most recently, we virtualized the GPU so that it can be deployed in datacenters and its unique capabilities can be accessed by billions of cloud users. Today, we have about 7,000 patent assets — the richest portfolio of graphics IP in the world.

Our company's unique GPU-based platforms are advancing a wide range of industries, from gaming, medicine and supercomputing, to consumer cloud services and autonomous driving. NVIDIA GeForce is synonymous with PC gaming and, with 200 million gamers, it's the largest gaming platform in the world. Our GPUs power the GE Revolution CT scanner, which can produce high-quality imagery while reducing radiation dosage by up to 82% for patients of all ages. NVIDIA Tesla GPUs power the fastest supercomputers in the U.S., Europe and Japan; and were selected by the U.S. Dept. of Energy for two next-generation supercomputers. NVIDIA GPUs regularly enable breakthroughs in vital areas of research featured in leading scientific journals.

Wired magazine noted GPUs as one of the "Three Breakthroughs that have Finally Unleashed AI on the World," as GPU-powered artificial intelligence sweeps across industries. GPUs are used by Baidu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter to create intuitive, predictive services. Meanwhile, NVIDIA DRIVE PX, the most advanced autonomous car computer, is bringing AI to the revolution in transportation.