Algorithm Analysis for High Performance Computing

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The Tarari® High-Performance Computing Processor accelerates the execution of complex algorithms used in high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The Processor allows high- performance computing users in industry, government and education to accelerate complex and compute-intensive applications. Tarari High Performance Computing Processors (or “Tarari Processors”) accelerate complex algorithm by moving the core algorithm off of traditional processors and into reconfigurable logic. The Tarari Processor is based on dynamically reconfigurable hardware, which means that multiple “agent” algorithm (code for reconfigurable logic) can be loaded or changed “on the fly” by user software on the host processor. Dynamic reconfigurability also allows for easy upgrades and further improvements in acceleration.

Using this document, system designers can determine whether their particular applications are good candidates for acceleration of certain algorithms on a Tarari Processor. The document ends with concrete examples of applying the Tarari Solution.

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