The Cray XC Supercomputer Series: Energy Efficient Computing

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As global energy costs climb, Cray has taken its long-standing expertise in optimizing power and cooling and focused it on developing overall system energy efficiency. The resulting Cray XC supercomputer series integrates into modern datacenters and achieves high levels of efficiency while minimizing system and infrastructure costs.  Effective use of energy is fundamental to the design of the processing nodes, the power train, and the cooling system. Fine-grain power consumption monitoring provides system operators and funding agencies with detailed information on energy usage. In this white paper we will demonstrate the energy-efficiency advancements of the Cray XC supercomputer. Specifically, we will discuss:

• Integration into state-of-the-art datacenters
• Transverse cooling system innovations
• Efficient power distribution
• Control and monitoring of power consumption
• Cray Inc. energy-efficiency initiatives

The Cray XC30 system is a distributed memory supercomputer developed as part of Cray’s participation in the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) High Productivity Computing System (HPCS) program. Capable of sustained multi-petaflops performance, the XC30 system’s hybrid architecture combines multiple processor technologies, a high performance network, distributed operating system, and a productive programming environment. Cray XC30 systems are designed to maximize energy efficiency while keeping system and infrastructure costs to a minimum.

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